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Its the music that we choose

Music is life. Want to know who I am? Take a look at my playlist. Want me to know who you are? Let me listen to yours. Our experiences are captured in the songs we listen to. Knowingly or not our associative minds link us to pieces, styles and genres matching our way of life. Its always there in the background. We hear it while watching a favorite movie, sitting in the pub or getting married. Weaving around ones existence, it holds us when we are low and brings us even higher when world is bright.

What is it that makes music so important? Maybe we find comfort in knowing that someone understands how we feel. That a complete stranger is able through tones and lyrics express our victories, our losess … us. Music is about connection. And connection leads to unity.There is probably no other event making one feel linked to the crowd of strangers in the way a concert can.

Tunes don`t care about human pettiness. Their only boundary is the ability to stir the mind of the listener. They complement our journey, making it less silent. Its true. Sometimes we don`t get to choose things that happen to us. Music, however, its the music that we choose.

So keep your ears trained. Because, you never know from which speaker will another piece fitting your mosaic jump. Maybe it will be the new one belonging to the campus radio.

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