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To Make One Feel

Music to me is more than just something to listen to. It is able to transcend into so many aspects of life, to make one feel, to make one remember and express things that are otherwise inexpressible. Not only is it an enjoyable auditory experience but lyrics provide more than spoken words, they are poems and expressions that go beyond this. Music enhances everything and without it; movies, dances, and festivals would be silent.

As it fills in the moments that would otherwise be silent, with music, one is never truly alone. It accompanies one through the lyrics or just through filling the silence. In this way, music can even be therapeutical, as I have experienced this in moments where I was feeling down. It provided me with something that was able to lift my mood or to help me through hard times. Which is why I think music is so important, not for only the bad times but also for the good times, to enhance moments and even make them better. Without it, life would be silent.

Having a campus radio would provide the students with an opportunity to have increased communication because it will provide an outlet for students to speak of things that matter to them. By discussing these things it would give possibilities for increased connection between the students, through listening and contributing.

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